Artist’s Statement

In my work, I have attempted to create a poetic relationship between object and audience using basic visual elements such as textures, patterns, lines, or colors. In some pictures, I try to eliminate, or at least minimize the "fact" of objects. In others, the objects are more important because they have their own stories. In any case, my goal is to make art that will allow the audience an opportunity for exploration through a personal interaction between the viewer and the piece. I do not want to give everything away at a glance. That would make things too easy, and therefore, uninteresting. I believe art should be read, like a poem, and its audience should find new meanings or emotions with each reading. While this kind of interaction may (and should) require some effort on the part of the viewer, it is my responsibility as the artist to break the ice, to get things started, and to create a first glance impact. Then, hopefully, the dialogue between the art and its audience can begin.